Our new envato vertex

Last week our team spent working week outside. We decided to visit Carpathians Mountains in the city of Bukavel.
We enjoyed beauty of the local nature and also abrupt descents from mountains on snowboards there. It is useful always to be prevented from office working and to leave the city and daily occurrence. It helps to receive inspiration and to rethink the work.

And on return home we found out that we conquered one more top!!! It is Enwato’s top of 25000 sales in the market. And we received a new “pad of the 9th level”.

Thanks enwato it is very pleasant when you have an aim which you try to achieve and make it as soon
as possible !!!

Envato Elite  aims to reward the best of the best authors on the Envato Marketplaces with some very cool, some very useful and some just plain fun achievements. They range from access to a new pricing adjustment system to ad campaigns for authors’ files to superbowl-style Elite rings all the way up to first class tickets to Melbourne from anywhere in the world and special ceremonies in your honor.

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