ou want buy really professional WordPress Theme ? We will tell you free tricks to you and help choose Best WordPress Theme and don't lose your money .

Every serious business must have an attractive website that can meet the modern demands of its clients! However, there are so many options to choose from and the choice of the wordpress themes designs is so wide that sometimes it’s very hard to pick out the right one. It's important that you define your goals and know exactly what you want to achieve. This will make it easier for you to find the required template. So, if you decided to create your own business project and want to have a fine looking website, we can help you with that.

Themeforest provides a big number of templates that can fit any taste.  In our case it’s cryptocurrency WordPress Theme.  Nowadays many people get involved into the cryptocurrency mining. There are many new of them that appeared in the market and are available for buying.  As a result, numerous internet projects that are related to cryptocurrencies started to develop.

Just use the search field in the middle of the front page to search for specific category.  After that you will see the list of available templates and different filters on the left side. You can filter the search results by date, price, content management system, etc.

search best cryptocurrency wordpress theme

search best cryptocurrency wordpress theme

The next step is to choose the templates that you like most of all and which correspond to the goals of your project.
After you have made your choice, it’s time to do some research work.

Check whether the author of the template has the “elite author” status. It will mean that he has solid experience in templates creation and he is not an amateur.

Check the review position of the template. But be aware that there is always a certain number of dissatisfied clients. You should take into consideration the author’s answers as well to form an opinion and make a right decision.

Read the users’ reviews related to this wordpress theme on the forum, watch whether the author replies in the thread and whether he is helpful or not.

Check other products of the author and their reviews to know more about his skills and attitude in general.  If other additions are required after the purchase, then you should specify all the details in advance and better make it in the written form so others can see it in order to run disputes in case of misunderstandings.

Check how many other applications the author has already sold.

Look at the date of the last update and the issue date. Don’t buy a too old template even if it was popular long ago because it was not upgraded for some time and at the moment you found it the code might got old and is not compatible with certain modern IT features.
Compare the prices. Sometimes even a good looking template may be not worth it. The key is to find the best price/quality ratio.

Check the download speed using tools like this one – tools.pingdom.com. Very often templates are too “heavy” because they have many different (and often useless) functions that are not necessary for you and will only slow your website down and make it vulnerable. Thus, analyze or ask the author whether you can turn them off and delete them or not.

Also, Google services can be useful as well.

So, you are ready to buy a template. You pick up the one among many best wordpress themes, download it and get a confirmation email with all specifications.  Don’t waste your time, install the template at once you get it. If you have any complaints, you can write a feedback or ask the support team to manage your problem. Try to identify all the bugs as soon as possible and report them to the author  at once to fix them or get refund. Good luck!!!